Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Things you didn't know about me

Remember those old notes and "quizzes" people used to do on Facebook and MySpace (what's MySpace???)?  I've been seeing them pop up on Instagram lately.
I think I'll do something along those lines and share random facts about myself that you may or may not know.  Fun, right?
 I wish I would have been born around 1930 and could have lived during the 1950's.  I love everything about that era.
 I have a problem with not finishing projects that I start, and before I know it, I've got about 7 things going at once, I get overwhelmed, and scrap them all.
 I'm not a seafood lover.  I've recently tried to acquire a taste for fish, and just can't do it.
 I am attempting to highly reduce the amount of dairy I consume.  Giving up cheese is the problem here, guys.  Oh, I love cheese.
I'm now officially a landlord.  Weird.

I enjoy doing housework.  I just wish I had more energy to do it!!

 I push myself too hard.

I tend not to ask for help if/when I need it, then get frustrated that I'm not getting help.

 I spend entirely too much time on social networking and on my iphone.  I plan to take a break from all social networking this weekend and live completely in the real world.  You know, like people used to do. :)

I now love a lot of foods that I used to hate.  A few examples:  coconut, dark chocolate, pickles, and onions.  (How's that for random?)

 I Love Lucy always has been and always will be my favorite TV show.  I watch it every morning during my cardio, and I could easily sit down and watch the entire series at once, if time allowed.  She always makes me laugh!

Along the same lines as I Love Lucy, I also really enjoy listening to oldies music.

Thursdays are meal planning days, and Fridays are grocery days.  I try to do our shopping once a week.  I tried once a month and twice a month, and both of those methods resulted in random trips to the store that ended up costing us more that necessary!

What's something I don't know about you?


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