Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Goals: September 2 - 8

If you're interested in this past week's workouts, they can be found here.

First thing's first: how did I come out with last week's goals?

1) Keep up on the laundry. 
Didn't do too bad with this one.  It's a never ending battle, though!
2) Start sorting through, purging, consolidating, and selling the stuff in our garage with the intention to get rid of that expense ($50 a month) by the end of September.
Didn't even get started on the garage.  Matt was out of town on Saturday and Sunday which made things difficult, then I got hit with the flu of death on Sunday. 

3) Complete the To-Do list to get ready to rent out our house in Ohio.
Did and done!  House rented!

Not too shabby, right?  Now, for this week's goals!

1) Sort through the garage - same as last week.
Really want to unload this garage, but getting to it is proving to be challenging!  Not sure if Matt works this coming weekend or not, but if he doesn't, that's my main goal for Saturday and Sunday!

2) Consolidate my two planners into one so I don't have to carry them both around all the time.
I'm a bit of a planner addict. :)  I currently have one planner just for bills and banking, and a separate one for everything else.  It's getting annoying, so I want to consolidate.

3) Do better food prep this weekend for the following week.
You know what they say - Failure to plan is planning to fail.  So cliché, but so true.  I've got to do better at food prep if I'm going to have successful healthy eating day in and day out.

4) Clean and re-organize the large bathroom.
I want to start cleaning and re-organizing the entire house again, but instead of giving myself a time limit in which to do it all, I'm just going to go room by room and work on it until I'm satisfied.  Big bathroom is first up on the list!  And the cleaning is just necessary.  Boys are messy pee-ers. :)

What are your goals for this week?

Anything exciting happening in your world?

Did you accomplish anything awesome last week?

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