Monday, October 7, 2013

Blizzard! 10-4-13

I never would have believed it.  I'm skeptical of lots of things, especially weather forecasts!  But....they got this one right.
My view out the window at work, just before leaving at noon on Friday.
Driving home at noon on Friday.
I-90, headed east.
Elk Vale Road (the nearest major road to our apartment complex) around 12:30 on Friday
Rapid City ended up with 22.5" total.
The view from our exterior staircase on Saturday morning.
Sunday afternoon.  There's a road out there somewhere!

This is one of about a gazillion downed tree branches.  It looked like a war zone on my venture out to work today.
We were without electricity for approximately 40 hours.  It was very cold and miserable, but we survived, and are resuming normalcy now.
But if this is any indication of the winter to come, I'm moving to southern California.
Have a great week!

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