Friday, October 18, 2013

Four Fabulous Finds on Friday!

So, to be completely random on this lovely cold Friday morning, I decided I'd share with you four things that I think are fabulous right now.  Sound fun?  Fantastic?
These boots.  I need (yes, need) a pair of knee-high gray leather boots.  These are only $30 - even better!
This app.  Such a cool little app, it is.  You put in info about your kids.  It picks fun activities to do with them based on their age and the environment, weather, time of day, etc. 
I've been wanting a food dehydrator for months.  Maybe Santa will bring me this one?

How fun are these Halloween costumes that I ordered from Amazon?  Darth and his Storm Trooper will be taking over the Rapid Galaxy for Halloween!

Have a great Friday, friends!


  1. I've gotta know where you got these boots!

    1. K9MOM, I don't even remember! I didn't buy them, just drooled over them for a little while. :) But they're so great, right??