Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October #photoaday: Oct 8-20

I'm playing catch-up a bit, sorry if these pictures are lame!  Hehehe.

Day 8: Corner
Day 9: Pink
I finally broke out a scarf for the first time this season!
I really love the "sketch" effect on my photo-editing app.

Day 10: Hands
That bathroom didn't know what hit it!

Day 11: M is for...
Machines! Muscles!

Day 12: Below
My super organized and genius fabric storage solution.
*red face*

Day 13: Watching
This little man play legos.  I just love his imagination.

Day 14: Favorite Space
My little corner of the world where I can relax, read, and close my eyes for some - usually - much needed rest! (No, we don't have a box spring or bed frame, don't ask, don't judge.  kthanks.)

Day 15: Secret
Yeah, I don't know.

Day 16: Leafy
I do love the views of the Black Hills that I drive through every day!

Day 17: 1st World Problems
Only 3 buns for 4 people, and the loaf of bread was frozen. Darn the luck!
Day 18: Still
Still feeling the last effects of my pre-workout as I sip a cup of coffee.  :)
Day 19: A Good Day
Date night!
Day 20: Open
Playing in the open space between apartment buildings!

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