Monday, November 11, 2013

Fox & Friends: Part One

So, things got a teensy bit crazy on Thursday morning.
It all started with a text from my dad at 5:30 AM (my parents live in Indiana, so they're on eastern time, but they know I get up super early anyway).  One of his colleagues mentioned to him that they had heard my blog mentioned on Fox News, and he texted to tell me that.
I had gotten out of the shower and was doing my hair around 6:05 when my phone rang with an NYC area code.  I ignored it.  It rang again about 10 minutes later so I answered.
"Hi, this is Lee with Fox and Friends, are you familiar with our show?"
Um, what?!?
Long story short, she invited Hendrix and I to be interviewed on the show.  She first wanted us in Denver, but realized it was still an 8 hour car ride down there, so she did some research and ended up flying us to NYC to sit on the curvy couch with Clayton Morris!
So, travel arrangements were made, I talked to Matt and my boss about everything, and we headed out around 2 pm MST on Friday for a whirlwind NYC visit!
This is the little toy that got the whole thing started. 
At the Rapid City airport.  When did he get so big?!? 
He was having way too much fun on the moving walkways at the airports!
On the way to New York, we connected in Chicago O'Hare.  I've never connected there before, and we only had about 50 minutes to make our next flight, and we hadn't eaten.  We grabbed some McDonald's at Hendrix's request, and ate it quickly at the gate.
We arrived at Newark around 9:15, found our driver, and he took us to our hotel: The Muse in Times Square. 
I apologize for the lack of quality of these pictures.  But seriously, we were moving pretty much the whole time.  It was so busy.  I was snapping photos from inside the car.

The hotel room was so nice.  I was half scared to touch anything!

The views out of our 8th floor hotel room were so "New York!"
Huge pile of trash next to some kind of underground contraption that was shooting steam up onto the street level.
The exterior fire staircases were also very "New York" to little ole Midwestern me!

Hendrix was so teeny in our king size bed!
We were both hungry again, but for the life of me, I couldn't find any authentic New York pizza places that would deliver to our hotel.  Maybe I was going about it wrong, but we ended up ordering this buffalo mozzarella flatbread that was $30.
I didn't expect Hendrix to like it, but he ate 2 full pieces.
After filling our bellies, we both fell asleep quickly for the craziness that the next day held.
Part Two to come tomorrow!


  1. Never followed a blog if you don't include Makeup Geek. Started following you after a post I saw of yours about parenting. I think I am hooked. Have a great time on this adventure.

  2. Loved your blog that brought you to New York! I agree completely! I live in Rapid City too :) At least you know that more moms like you are out there and maybe our kids will be good roll models to others out there

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Have you lived in Rapid your whole life?

  3. Good for you! Though I've just heard of this blog - your article that started it all was incredible! Thank you for reminding us what parenting is truly all about and for having the courage to tell it like it is!

  4. You and your son are adorable!!! I loved you rant about parenting! I've raised my kids and they are not perfect people but they are independent and are making their way in the world. They've made mistakes and worked their way out of them. I had your same philosophy. (Just never expressed it so well!) I can only hope that your blog is read by parents and your ideas given serious thought!

  5. You are 100% right in what you wrote. I'm nearly. 50 and grew up before things were so PC. My Great Grandmom told me to stand up for myself if someone was going after me. She actually told me to take down a kid who was hiring me in Kindergarden and my Great Grandad taught me how. The only difference between then and now is parental involvement. When I grew up, if something happened at school your entire family knew it before you got home. I think that many parents today are kind of blind because people don't seem to be as interconnected as

  6. I thought a lot about your article. I am not is disagreement or agreement to your point of view as perspectives are based on many variables. I raised my daughter in a completely different way. She is eleven and I have always been a single mother.We had no choice but to cooperate, we never had enough money to make excuses not to learn and grow. I taught my daughter to pay attention to her higher intelligence when making decisions. Its a feeling thing and not something anyone else can decide for you. She is kind, caring, responsible and confident. I don't have to use so many rules because we live by our own integrity. She respects me because I respect her and I would laugh if I had to force her into it. I learn from her everyday. Have you seen Malla Yousfzai speak? This is an excellent example of how adults can learn from children. In my opinion it is more mature to learn and guide than to attempt to control behavior.

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