Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fox & Friends: Part Two

You can see part one of the Fox & Friends adventure here.

I got up at 6:15 on Saturday morning, which was 4:15 mountain time.  Ouch.
I took a long hot shower in hopes of calming my nerves!  Hendrix was starting to stir when I got out, so I turned on some cartoons for him while I got ready.

My very fashionable co-worker lent me this pretty, flowy pink shirt and the navy blazer to go on top.  I paired it with my knee-high brown boots and her lovely J. Crew necklace.  I curled my hair with my straightener as I usually do and did my make-up as well as I know how.  (Uber amateur, here!)

Our hotel was a block and a half from the Fox studio, and across the street from Radio City Music Hall.  I snapped a few pictures as we walked there.


1211 Avenue of the Americas - home of Fox Studios.  My previous co-workers in northwest Ohio should appreciate this address!!

In the green room.  Someone was completely unaffected by this whole ordeal!

Santa was on the show, and he stopped in the green room.  I was honestly a bit afraid that he would turn from Santa into a regular person, but he totally played the part for Hendrix in the greenroom and Hendrix told him he wanted a Nintendo DS for Christmas.

When it was time for our segment, we were led right outside the studio where they explained what we would be doing - sitting on the curvy couch.  We did a quick mic check, and then the cameras were rolling!
You can see a video of the interview here.
I stumbled a bit on the first question, but warmed up and I think the interview went well.  It was super quick!  Hendrix was having quite the time making faces in the monitor, from what I hear. :)

Our segment aired at 9:45, and we had our return flight to catch at 11:55 out of Newark.  The lady in the green room made sure our car was ready and waiting when we were done, so we literally walked out of the studio, grabbed our coats and suitcase and walked outside to the waiting car. 
I snapped one more picture as we (somewhat sadly) left New York City.
Hendrix took a nap for exactly 12 minutes on the way to the airport.  (He asked me later, "Mom, since I took a nap in the car, can I stay up late tonight?" Try again, mister.)

We made our flights back west with no troubles at all, and South Dakota welcomed us with cow-dotted fields and a gorgeous sunset.

Jameson was so excited when we walked in the door.  He ran up to Hendrix and gave him a huge hug, which completely melted my heart.  Then he spent the rest of the evening in my lap, which isn't unusual on a normal night, anyway.  What can I say, he's a momma's boy!

As you can see, the trip was incredibly quick, busy, and a whirlwind!  It was a great experience, though, and I'm very humbled and honored to have been asked onto the show.  Thanks, Fox & Friends, and thanks to all my real-life friends who offered support and kind words.
Now, I'm not even going to lie to you - I'm MORE than ready to fade right back into the background and live my quiet little life with my three gentlemen at home, blog about what I love, and hopefully keep my new followers happy!
Have a great Tuesday, friends!


  1. I Stephanie...I work with Gail Vaz-Oxlade a well known Canadian TV and radio personality and we would love to interview you on NewsTalk1010 in Toronto. Would you email me so we could work out a date and time? We can do it over the phone so no travel involved. Thanks.

  2. I watched your interview video clip and your son is adorable. haha.

    1. Thank you! He was sitting there making faces at the camera the whole time (I learned after the interview)! So silly. :)

  3. Stephanie, YOU GO GIRL! You are SO right in your assessment of parenting these days!

  4. You go mama! Loved it and your post.

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