Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goal: Accomplished!

Today, in the gym, I accomplished a goal I've had for the last 10.5 months.
I completed my 401st mile of running for 2013! (My goal was 400.)
I wasn't sure if I'd make it or not, as I've been much more focused on weight training than I have been with cardio for the past few months, but I did it!
So excited!
Now, back to lifting heavy things after my rest day tomorrow. :)

Are you a goal setter?
Any fitness goals you had, or currently have, this year?
How about life goals in general?
What's your favorite workout?
Stay healthy, my friends!


  1. Meeting any goal is a big accomplishment. I lost a crap load of weight a few years ago. Gained most of it back after a major injury and subsequent back fusion. This time I am taking it slow, baby steps. Each pound is a big accomplishment simply because I can't workout like I used to. Do not take for granted the ability to run, walk or workout because if you ever lose it you will miss it even if you hated every second of working out. Keep it up. Every mile is one more closer to your next. I love your blog!

    1. Congratulations on your initial weight loss, and congratulations on getting back on the horse after falling off (unintentionally, of course!). Finding motivation is often the most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle. You go!!!!!! :)

    2. Stephanie, I do have some questions for you though. I am new to this at home mom thing. This was not a choice for my family. It was a made for us due to my conditions if you may. I struggle with being at home simply because I have no clue how to do this. My kids are older all teens with busy schedules. No littles ones. I used to work in a field that was my dream career. Any who, how do you do it? With little ones, a house, a family, a blog, yourself and a husband?
      The running joke is I haven't figured out how to be a SAHM yet. It actually isn't a joke it is very true.
      I know my "conditions" get in the way of a lot but there has to be some sort of method to this isn't there?