Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hendrix!

Phillip Hendrix, my little turkey baby.
It's hard to believe that four years have passed already!
Hendrix is your typical, rambunctious little boy.  He loves running, jumping, and climbing whenever he can.  He's really into Star Wars, Ninjago (Lego's), and Beyblades right now.
He thinks he's hilarious when he talks about anything poop-related.  Our only rules regarding that are that we respect it if people ask him to stop, or don't like it, and no poop talk at the dinner table.  Other than that, it's all fun and games in my opinion!  We jokingly named him Philfart Hendrix Metz Poopopolis while driving to school last week.  I told him I had to run to Wal-Fart for groceries the other day and I thought he might pee his pants from laughing so hard.
His requested birthday meal this evening is chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese.
He'd love to stay up until 11 pm and sleep until 8 am every day if we let him.
He's learning letters and is constantly asking what words say.
He LOVES wrestling around on the living room floor with his dad and brother.  When you tickle him in just the right spot, his laugh is hilarious.
His smile will bring you to your knees.  That and his "kitty cat gray eyes," as I've always called them, make him just the most handsome man.



Happy birthday, Hendrix.  We love you to pieces!!! 


  1. Happy, happy. Little Baby Girl also loves to talk about poop. All. The. Time. Drives me nuts, but it is very funny!!!

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