Monday, November 4, 2013

Kuchen Weekend!

I married into a German family.  One of the most delicious benefits to this is kuchen!
If you haven't tried it, you probably need to.  From what I hear, it's the "official dessert" of South Dakota. 
It's a pastry with custard filling topped with fruit, and it's oh-so-delicious!
On Saturday morning, Matt's Aunt Bobbi and I had a kuchen-making date.  (P.S. I just really LOVE Matt's Aunt Bobbi.  She's amazing!)  I wanted to learn how to make it, and Bobbi shared the family recipe with me.  (Not sure if it's secret or not, but I'm going to keep it to myself in case it's "protected.")  But there are probably about 1.4 million recipes you can find online.
It's a time consuming process but the good thing is that the recipe yields 6 or 7 kuchens, so you have some to eat, and some to put in the freezer to take out at a later time.
We made three peach and three cherry kuchen.  We devoured one this weekend, and I'm looking forward to pulling out another around Thanksgiving, and the third for Christmas morning.

While Bobbi and I were elbow-deep in flour and custard, Matt and Loren (Bobbi's husband) were playing with the boys at the elementary school where Loren teaches gym.  They had a blast!
Saturday evening, we went to the church we now attend, then went out for pizza afterwards.
Sunday, we cleaned house a bit, then relaxed and watched football. 
It was a great, family-centered, relaxing weekend.
 I dabbled with royal icing a bit on Sunday afternoon.

When did he get so big?
Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Do you have any family recipes that you look forward to making for special occasions?


  1. Hmmmm . . . North Dakota Kuchen doesn't look like this. It's a staple of my German-from-Russia family that I look forward to whenever we visit. I'll have to find pictures!

  2. My baby girl turned one on Sunday! But... because the whole extended family was sick I made a cake and we had a "traveling" birthday party. Each family met us outside (we didn't want to mingle with their germs inside) with plates, cups and silverware to eat cake and sing to Tinsley. It was a lot of fun and will be cool to look back on... beats sitting at home!

  3. These look awesome and yummy! Your newest follower!

  4. Yum! Looks delish! and I was supposed to be dieting too. Damn. New follower. xo

  5. Yes, "Kuchen" is very important over here. Looks yummy!

  6. I LOVE Kuchen!!!! Since I was about 13 I have been obsessed with it! I went to the CIA for Baking and Pastry and sadly they never covered it, BUT I had lots of German Chefs and sometimes we would get to make it as a "side project" Its SO good!!!

  7. I love your blog that I just read on facebook! Couldn't agree more!

  8. THANK YOU! for showing parents they don't have to teach their kids to be wimps. My husband and I own several rentals, and it is amazing to see the parents that rent from us - and how they deal with their children.
    Last year we rented to a couple with 4 kids - they'd just moved to Idaho from New Mexico supposedly because their children were being bullied.
    The oldest of their kids was 14 and was big and stocky - looked more like 17 years old. And yet 2 months after they moved in, they claimed he was being bullied by the 12 year old down the street - who is not even 5' and barely 100 lbs. Shortly after that they moved out and moved to Boise.

    My goodness! If every parent moved every time a cross word was spoken to their kid ... well you get the picture - chaos!

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