Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new year! 2014 Goals

 Don't you love the feel of a brand new year?  It's like a clean slate, a chance to start over, with huge motivation to achieve that long list of (lofty) goals you set for yourself.  Ahh, I love it!

As always, I have those broad goals that are the same every year: save money and pay down debt, get fit (already well on my way here!), eat healthfully, do better at house cleaning/organization, etc.  I'm definitely not letting those get forgotten.  But I also have some more specific goals for 2014.

Remember birthdays, anniversaries, and events.
It's not that I don't remember these special days, I'm just really terrible at sending cards and/or gifts.  Well, that's going to be different in the coming year.  I'm have all of these occasions marked on a 2014 calendar, and I'm going to prepare for them the month before, by buying cards, gifts, whatever, and sending them out about a week before the day.  I'm also going to buy a roll or two of stamps so that I can't use lack of stamps as an excuse!

Black Hills Bucket List
Matt and I have decided that we are going to grab the bull by the horns this year.  We live in an area of the country that is absolutely gorgeous, and overflowing with things to do.  We enjoy the outdoors, and have decided to stop making any kind of excuses as to why we shouldn't go and do something on any given weekend.  The kids will be 3 and 4 1/2 this coming summer.  Naps are important, but no longer crucial.  We can work around that stuff.  Making family memories is more important to us.  We plan on hiking, camping, picnicking, exploring, and discovering all that the Black Hills have to offer.

Monthly Goals
Along with the two resolutions above, I want to set one or two goals for myself each month.  Whether those goals be to organize a room of the house, or to try a new recipe, or learn my new DSLR camera, or re-fashion a new clothing item, I want to challenge myself to get things done throughout the year, rather than just tackling one huge list in January.

So that's about it for me in 2014.

Well, let's hear them!  What are your resolutions for this new year?  

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