Friday, December 20, 2013

Indiana Trip: Part One

On Thanksgiving Day, we hopped on a plane and flew to central Indiana to visit with our families and friends for the holidays.  We hadn't seen my family since they came to South Dakota to visit in July, and we hadn't seen Matt's family since last Christmas, so this was a long-awaited and anticipated trip!

The boys did great on the flights, though I guess I was hoping for a little more excitement from Jameson at the thought of flying.  He was pretty un-impressed.  Hahaha.
My awesome parents had dropped their extra vehicle off at the airport on their way out of town the day before we left so that we had a vehicle to use while we were there.  Our travels TO Indiana went smoothly and were un-eventful, but it was still a tiring day.

We "based" ourselves out of our good friends' Wade and Amy's house during the first half of our stay in Indiana.  It's kind of hard to see in the photo below, but Wade was wearing this shirt when we arrived.  I just love him!
("Blogger mom is the bomb!")

My eating habits weren't exactly on par while we were away from home, but I didn't miss a single scheduled workout, thanks to my gym membership at Anytime Fitness.  I really didn't expect my key fob to work at other gyms, but it did!  So cool.

Friday afternoon, though I don't have any pictures of it, we met up with Matt's middle brother and his wife (Matt's the oldest) and took our boys and their son (same age as Hendrix) to an indoor playground with bounce houses and games.  All three of the kids had an awesome time, and so did the adults!  We raced each other through the inflatable obstacle course and laughed and had a grand old time!
Friday evening, we went to Matt's youngest brother and his wife's house for our Metz family Christmas.  We ate tons of delicious food and had the kids open their gifts.  It was so fun to watch all four of the cousins play together!

(Not sure why I don't have a picture of our niece on here, I need to remedy that.)
We spent the night at Matt's youngest brother's house on Friday night, and headed back to Wade and Amy's on Saturday morning, for the day we had planned with them.
Their daughter, Kenna, is 6 and the kids just had so much fun together!

Fortunately, the weather really cooperated on Saturday, and we spent some time outside!  (Their yard made us REALLY miss living in a house.)

Saturday evening, two other couples and their kids came over for a game night.  It was so great seeing our old friends we hadn't seen in several years.

This is Julie. She's a Type 1 Diabetic, so her and Jamers had to get a shot together with their pumps!

While we played games, the kids formed a rock band and performed for us.  It was ridiculously cute.

Hendrix didn't get to sleep until 11:45 pm which is ridiculously late for ME, let alone a 4 year old!  But we crashed after game night in preparation for heading to see my side of the family on Sunday.
Stay tuned for Part Two!

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