Saturday, December 21, 2013

Indiana Trip: Part Two

Sunday morning, when we woke up, we packed up all of our belongings and headed to the town where I grew up to visit my side of the family.  We met at my parents' house and squeezed my mom and dad, as well as my sister, her husband, and my niece.
We had lunch at the most amazing Mexican restaurant ever, then headed to the local bowling alley for my niece's 10th birthday party.  (Which, by the way, is impossible.  Because it was just last week that I was leaving my night class at Ball State University to head to the hospital to meet her for the 1st time.)

Sunday evening, we just relaxed and spent time chatting and catching up.  My dad might kill me when he finds out this picture made the blog, but I'm so in love with it.  My dad's a pretty quiet and reserved kind of guy.  This shot is 100% candid and legit.  Hendrix got Beyblades from his Uncle Travis and insisted that grandfather play with him.  This shot is pretty much the only time that my dad's Beyblade beat Hendrix's and dad was stoked. :)

My mom had made cookies and her grandkids were decorating them together. 

The three grandkids (on my side of the family) in their new jammies!

Forgive the terrible iPhone pictures, but this is my mom and dad with their grandkids.  They love them just a little bit.

My sister and I!  She recently lost a ton of weight and she looks AMAZING!

Mom and dad with their girls.

There isn't much activity to report while we were at my parents' house.  We basically sat around and played with the kids and chatted and caught up, and it was everything I dreamed it would be!
We headed towards the Indianapolis airport around noon on Tuesday.  This is where things got eventful.  Our flight was to head out at 5:30.  We got to the airport ridiculously early as it was.  Then the plan we were supposed to be on was having mechanical issues and our flight was delayed about 3 times before it was finally cancelled.  Since it was the last flight out for the day, we ended up being put up at a hotel in Indianapolis.  We got to the hotel around 9:30, and had a 7:30 flight out the next morning.  So needless to say, we got about 4 hours of sleep.
Wednesday morning, we got to the airport at 5:30, got some breakfast with vouchers from the airline, and boarded the plane around 7 am.  Then the plane had a mechanical issue, which was fixed, but still took a lot of time.  Then, once that was fixed, there was a problem with the toilet on the plane not flushing correctly.  So that delayed us even further.  You probably see where this is going. 
We missed our connection in Minneapolis, so got to spend an extra two hours at the Minneapolis airport.  We had lunch at the airport, then boarded our plane from Minneapolis to Rapid City at 11 am.  Then there was - you guessed it! - a maintenance issue with the plane.  Then, we had to de-ice the plane due to some crazy snowy weather.  It took forever just to get in line for the de-icing, then another 3 forevers to get the plane de-iced.  We boarded at 11 am and left the ground at 1:30 pm. 
The kids were remarkably well behaved through all of this.  They had a couple of rough moments, but heck - so did Matt and I.  We were tired, grouchy, and over it all.
We landed in Rapid City around 3:30 in the afternoon, I think.  We went straight home and relaxed, and called it an early night.
Other than getting home, everything went really well, and it was so wonderful to be able to visit with family that we so rarely get to see.  A rendezvous is already in the works for mid-summer, and the planning wheels are turning!
Have you made, or are you planning on making any trips during this holiday season?
Ever deal with any crazy flight delays/cancellations?
What's your favorite travel destination?
Merry Christmas and happy Saturday, friends!


  1. The picture of Grandfather made me all teary eyed <3

  2. Nice. Looks like your family is having a lot of fun. Happy holiday.

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