Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Storybook Island Nights of Lights

You guys.  Anyone think I fell off the face of the earth??
This happens every single year.  We're trucking along, getting by, doing fine.  Then BAM!  December hits and we don't know our heads from our tails and we're running around like crazy people.  This year has been no exception.
My family travelled to Indiana the weekend after Thanksgiving, then we came home and I was gone the entire following week in Las Vegas and Sioux Falls for work meetings and conferences.  Now that I'm back to work, I'm tackling the mountain of tasks one at a time and barely have time to breathe!  I've been neglecting my little blog baby, but don't worry!
I've got some fun posts in the pipeline, and even have my first "sponsored" product review coming up, probably after the first of the year (which is only, like, two weeks away - what!!?).
But in the mean time, all is well.  We've made it back home.  Other than a quick trip to see Matt's mom and grandpa after Christmas, we are DONE travelling for a while!
Last evening, we took the boys to Storybook Island.  During the summer months, this awesome park has free admission and all kinds of fun things for the kids to climb and play on.  After Thanksgiving, then whole park is covered in Christmas lights, and for $2 per person, you can walk through and see all the lights, and the money you pay for admission allows the park to be free the rest of the year.  It's pretty cool. :)
You can't see behind them, but they were posing with Vixen and Comet.

Hendrix made sure to remind Santa that he wants a Nintendo DS and a remote helicopter.
Jameson just yelled, "I want presents!"

It was a fun experience, just VERY cold!  The park was piping old-fashioned Christmas music through the speakers as my little guys were waddling around in their puffy winter coats, all Christmas Story style.  Haha.  If you ever visit Rapid City during the holiday months, I recommend checking out Nights of Lights at Storybook Island!
Thanks for sticking with me in my absence, guys!  I plan to get back at it with posts about recent travels and other fun stuff!
Have a great last-weekend-before-Christmas-weekend!  (Yikes, I have to go shopping!)

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