Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rodeo, Rushmore, and Relaxation!

We had our first "normal" weekend since we moved to South Dakota!  For the first time, we didn't have to spend our Saturday and Sunday maneuvering around boxes, stepping over clutter, or worrying about all that we needed to do to get settled.  It was all done already!

Friday evening, we worked on getting the kitchen cleaned up, and just relaxed.

Saturday was a busy day! We started off the weekend by meeting Matt's Aunt Bobbie at the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo, at the Civic Center, where the Rapid City Rush play hockey.  There was a lot to see and do at the stock show.  There was a small petting zoo, which the kids enjoyed, and there were also several horses on display.  Hendrix was quite disappointed that he didn't get to ride on a horse, but still enjoyed looking at several of them!  After we got home from the Stock Show, we fed the boys their lunch and rested for a couple hours.  Then, as it was almost 50 degrees out, we decided to drive out to Mt. Rushmore.  It was fifty degrees in Rapid City when we left.  Needless to say, it was NOT fifty degrees on Mt. Rushmore!!  It was quite cold.  We stayed there for about a half an hour, and then headed back home.  It was an enjoyable little drive. :) Saturday night, we had ham & beans with cornbread, to complete our cowboy weekend!

Sunday morning, Matt worked for a few hours, then we just relaxed at home.  Matt and Hendrix played a little bit of Wii once Matt got home (I do believe we have a future gamer on our hands), then we had meatloaf and mac & cheese for dinner.  The boys ate like CHAMPS, which is a very rare thing.  Hendrix asked for fourths.  I almost died.  After dinner, we watched "Despicable Me," and had a bit of popcorn.  I did a little work on the quilt I have in progress (it's super simple, but I'm so excited about it!), and I can't wait to share it with you as I progress further.

It was a very enjoyable weekend!  I feel very ready to take on this coming work week.  It's my last week of training, and as of Friday, I'm going to be on my own in my new position.  I'm fully prepared (and READY) to take over responsibilities at work.  I am feeling like it's going to be a good week!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Wishing everyone a good week!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Settling in, new jobs, and lots of boxes.

I haven't posted in a while!!  Life kind of took off this week for me, with the start of my new job, and getting the boys into daycare.

The job is going great so far.  It's quite a change from the uber-corporate office from which I came.  Nothing wrong with corporate, and I'm not saying my current job is unprofessional in any way.  It's just different!  An example: we get to wear jeans every Friday.  At the old job, we maybe got two jeans days each year.  While my co-workers and I accomplish things every day, it's almost like hanging out with friends while you're at the office.  It's a very relaxed and friendly environment, while being a productive one at the same time.  I think I'm really going to love it, and fit in well with my co-workers.

So far so good with the boys' daycare.  I'll be completely honest here - I had asked the opinion of a few people about the daycare I went with.  I didn't get a single good review.  But, they had immediate availability, which I needed, and it was very affordable, so I went with it.  Know what?  I've had nothing but positive experiences with this daycare so far.  I feel they've gone out of their way to care for Jameson and they have handled the delicate diabetes situation with a sense of urgency and things have gone very smoothly so far.  I have no plans of changing their daycare, unless something bad were to happen.

We are settling into our apartment, slowly but surely.  We still have quite a few boxes that are left unpacked.  We are now realizing what a savior our garage was to us in Ohio. We are looking into getting a garage here at the apartment complex, but we aren't sure at this point, whether or not there is one available.  We should know either tomorrow or Tuesday (MLK day tomorrow).

Other than the annoying unpacked boxes and the boxes we've broken down that we have to step over every day (dumpsters around here are all pretty much full, so we can't throw away any more boxes at this point), we're doing well.  I got my sewing machine and crafting area set up last night, and managed to start sewing today (Quilt 2013, here I come!).  I was going through withdrawals, and it felt so good to sew and create!

I'm eager to learn more about my job this coming week, and start taking things over and doing them on my own.  Matt's job is going well, and he enjoys what he's doing.  We are settling in very well and look forward to what the future holds for the four of us!

Hope everyone is doing well and 2013 is treating you well so far.  Take care, and keep in touch!


Stephanie, Matt, Hendrix, and Jameson

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Things I Miss

Our moving truck was delayed......again.  Now it won't be here until Wednesday.  I'm struggling a lot with my anger.  It's beyond my control and I know this.  But living in an all-but-empty apartment with two very energetic boys has me at my wits end.  I've never been so ready to go to work on a Monday morning!  I'm very ready to start my job, but more ready to be able to get the heck outside of these four walls for most of the day!

Some of the things I miss most right now are:

My sewing machine!!!
Kitchen table and chairs
The boys' toys
Pots and pans
Our tv, and cable
My bed
Just the overall sense of a home, rather than an empty four-walled shell

Ok, my wallowing and self-pity party can be over now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's edition of the random - and often un-related - thoughts running around in my head.

Hendrix threw a tantrum for the books on Tuesday evening. I said "no" to something very trivial and silly, and he started to lose it. Once I say no, I stick to it, regardless, and wow. He lost it. It was just dandy.

I got in my first workout Tuesday evening, after taking 6 days off. Yay sweat!!

I feel like a dog, because this is my favorite spot in the living room. Right in the rays of sun. :)

The previous statement made me think of something I would say a lot when I was little.  I'm not sure why I would say it, but whenever I felt weird, or a bit out of it, I would say "I feel like a dog."  Yeah, who knows.  I was a weird child.  :)
I'm embracing Starbucks today.  It's tasty and just what I needed!
I'm getting ready to head to Hancock Fabrics.  I've never been to one of those, and I'm so excited.  I'm ready to have furniture and our own pots and pans and stuff at the apartment, but I'm REALLY ready to get out my darn sewing machine and start trying out this quilt business!  I have a lot to learn, but could not be more excited about creating a quilt (or 2 or 3) in 2013!
We are under a winter storm watch here in Rapid City.  The wind chills are to get below zero, and we are to get 3-7 inches.  I'm sure they handle winter weather much better here than they do in Ohio, but my thoughts are: Go ahead and initiate me, South Dakota!  As long as it doesn't delay the moving truck, of course!
My hair straightener decided to take a crap on me this morning.  Not good.  But I got a new one and it's pink and adorable.  I suppose it's a good thing that it happened today, instead of tomorrow when I'm trying to get ready for work.
I hope everyone has a great Thursday.  :)

Dinosaur Park!

So this South Dakota weather hasn't given us any kind of winter initiation yet (though I'm hearing it's supposed to get crazy tomorrow).  Yesterday, it got up to 60 degrees.  We took advantage of the warm temps and headed to Dinosaur Park. 
It's a park up on a hill (holy stairs, Batman) that was constructed in 1936.  There are about 6 or 7 giant dinosaurs that kids and climb on.  It was a bit windy and chilly once we got up to the top of the hill, but the boys had a great time running around and burning off energy.  And who am I kidding - it felt amazing to get out of our empty boring apartment for a while.
Here are some pics from our time at Dinosaur Park!
This guy is at the very top of the hill, and can be seen from pretty far away.
The view of Rapid City from Dinosaur Park.

Hendrix by the tail of the highest dino.
The dino at the top of the hill.  Nothing but blue sky above us!
Trying to climb up the stegosaurus.

Dinosaur Park was a great free little bit of entertainment.  We will definitely go back, next time we have another warm day!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Super Productive Day!

Wow, today was incredibly busy and exhausting, but I got a lot accomplished! Especially for hauling around a 3 and 1 year old for the ride.

First thing we did was head to the bank and open a local checking account, so that our paycheck a can be direct deposited and all that good stuff. The boys started out being quite rotten, but settled down once Hendrix started coloring and Jameson was given the (blessed) iPhone.

After the bank, we headed to our apartment complex to get our keys. We got into the apartment, and I was finding it difficult to take stuff from the Escape into the apartment while keeping track of two monsters. Plus, we were getting hungry at that point, so we went to Hardee's for lunch. (So sick of fast food, by the way!)

After lunch, we ran by West River Electric and got the electric (our only utility!!) put into our name, then went back to the apartment so Jameson could take his nap.

After he woke up, we went to Banana Bunch daycare to check it out. I liked what I saw, for the most part, so we are going with it. It's very affordable, they are licensed by the state, and seem to be ok with Jameson's diabetes. Plus, they have immediate openings, so it's a go. We figure that if things don't work out, we can always look elsewhere. It's scary to find daycare in a new place.

We walked in the door of the apartment, after touring the daycare, and Matt called us about 4 minutes later. His new boss wanted to take us to dinner. So I re-bundled the boys, and we headed out ... again. We ate at a pizza/sub place. I got a buffalo chicken salad and it was really tasty!

After dinner, Matt took the boys to the apartment, and I headed to WalMart for some groceries. I got home around 9. Matt and I enjoyed a beer together, and then crashed. He had a good first day at work, and is anxious and nervous, but excited about his new job.

Tomorrow we (the boys and i) are meeting Matt's cousin for a coffee in the afternoon. She is my age, and such a sweetheart. I'm looking forward to it. But other than that, I plan on going nowhere tomorrow!! I will let the boys play outside, since its supposed to be fairly warm again, and we will have lunch, and relax.

The Rapid City experience has been a pleasant one, so far. People are different here, than they are in the Midwest. (I do not consider this the Midwest. Not sure how the locals feel.) Youre much more likely to get a smile or a friendly greeting here than you would be in Ohio. It's nice. :)

Matt's family here has been so incredibly generous and we are so grateful for them. We are in our new apartment, with temporary belongings, thanks to them. It's good to be on our own though, rather than inconveniencing others!

I'll continue to update as we get settled in. Thanks again for all the prayers, friends!

Rapid City, SD!

We made it! We arrived to Rapid City last evening around 730 mountain time.

We are staying with Matt's uncle Gary through tonight. Both him and Matt's aunt Bobbi and her husband have been so wonderful in helping us get settled in. We won't ever be able to thank them enough!

Today, we drove around the city and tried to familiarize ourselves with it a bit. We drove by both Matt and I's work, the boys' potential daycare, our apartment complex, and along the highway lined with a crazy awesome amount of retail!

My plans for the next couple days include setting up a local bank account, touring some daycares, getting settled in our apartment (as much as we can without our stuff!), and getting setup with the local endocrinologist and pediatrician.

I'm hoping to be able to get the boys in daycare on Thursday and/or Friday so that I can go into my office and meet my new co-workers face to face. Hopefully that works out.

In the mean time, I'm pooped and ready to call it a night. I'll leave you with a few pictures from the road trip here. (Don't get too excited!)