Monday, January 13, 2014

Black Hills Bucket List - Snow Skiing

Remember my New Year's resolution about our Black Hills bucket list, where I talked about grabbing the bull by the horns, and getting out to see and explore the playground we live in called the Black Hills?

I had a couple bonus days off from work last week.  I have wanted to learn to snow ski for a long time, so I took the opportunity to do so! I'm a really independent person, so going by myself wasn't a worry or intimidation to me at all.  I had an awesome time, and just made conversation with others around me.

There are two ski resorts around us: Terry Peak and Mystic Deer Mountain.  I went to Terry Peak.  They give beginner ski lessons twice daily, for both kids and adults.  I signed up and took the 10 am class.  There were 5 other people in my class.  The instructor was really nice, and followed the general pace of the class, and answered our questions well.

I learned how to make a wedge in order to stop, and put weight on the opposite foot of the direction I wanted to turn, and change the size of my wedge to control speed.  

We started by going up "the carpet'" which is basically a long conveyor belt that takes you up to the top of the chute, which is a not-very-steep grade for learners, beginners, and warm-ups.  There, we learned very basic skills that I mentioned above: turning, speed control, stopping, etc.

After that, we got on the lift and took our first run down the mountain.  Ahhhh it was so fun!

Our class ended after 2 runs down the mountain, but I hopped on the lift 3 or 4 times more by myself before heading home due to very sore calves and shins and frozen fingers! (NOTE: next time, invest in much better gloves.)

I only fell once, but got right back up and took another go at it!

Ski Boots!  (Not sure if I did something wrong, but my shins and calves hurt SO bad by the end of the day!)
Where you rent your equipment.
Not sure if you can see it well or not, but that tube going up the right side of the picture is the "carpet," and the snowy area straight ahead is the chute, on which we practiced before heading up the lift.
The 3rd grade class from Spearfish.  Those kids were rocking the skis!

How amazing would it be to get a group of friends together and rent one of these cabins?  Spend the day on the slopes, then the evenings by the fire with a nice drink in hand?  That might need added to future year's bucket list.  Haha.

I had forgotten that I'm afraid of heights until I got up the lift.

I had such a great time skiing!  I'd love to meet other skiiers around here who are on the same skill level as I am to have some serious fun a couple more times before summer arrives!
Thanks for a great time, Terry Peak! 


  1. I went snow skiing several times during my teenage years and really enjoyed it. I did have a couple of close calls, and a collision with another person (who turned into me) but overall did pretty well. The boots can be kind of rough, I think it is because of the angle they put you into just isn't natural. Glad your out there enjoying what the area has to offer, some time around the fire inside the lodge is nice too ;)

  2. What courage to go by yourself!! Skiing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. Start your boys early. They are fearless when they are young and you will have a great time. Not sure where you live but those cabins are cute. Take advantage of them! Awesome job for your first time.

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