Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mission: Organization - Take 1

I wish I could say that my house is always kept clean and organized.  But since I'm a keep-it-real kind of lady, I'm not even going to lie to you!
Here are a few pictures of what our larger bathroom (the one that the boys and I use for showering/bathing and getting ready in the morning) looks like on any given day.
*Cue embarrassment.*

Well, as kind of an unspoken or unwritten (until now, I suppose) resolution, I want to do a deep clean, purge, and organization of our apartment.  I jumped right in on New Year's Day and tackled the big bathroom!
I emptied everything from under the sink and off the counter.  I removed all shampoos, body washes, and soaps from the shower.  Then I basically gave the whole bathroom a bleach bath.  My little gentleman aren't exactly graceful when it comes to using the bathroom.  (Eep.) I scrubbed and scoured.  I used bleach water and elbow grease.  I cleaned the shower, the toilet, the counter top, and the mirror.  Then I swept the floor and mopped it with bleach water also!  Those germs didn't even see it coming!
Then I put things back under the sink in a new and organized fashion.  I put lotions, extra shampoos, deodorants, and body sprays in little baskets.  I put my hair dryer and straightener in a tote along with hair brushes.  I used that 5-drawer organizer for my make-up.

The under-sink organization allowed the counter top to look awesome and clutter free!

While I had the motivation, I also decided to re-organize our linin/medicine closet out in the hallway.  I put all oral medications in one basket, non-oral medications like creams, ear drops, etc in another basket, and then filled the third basket with non-medication items like sun screen, toothpaste, extra deodorant, etc.  All of these things went on the top shelf where 3-feet tall little boys can't reach.
On the second shelf is all of our diabetes supplies.  Self-explanatory.
Third shelf are paper products: Kleenex, toilet paper, and paper towels.
Fourth shelf are towels and wash rags.
And on the floor are extra bed sheets, which you can't see in this picture.
It looks much nicer than it did, and it will hopefully allow us to find things quickly and easily when we need them!

So my New Year's Day was super productive in my house, and I have plans to finish the massive cleaning and re-organizing over the coming days and weeks.
How do you feel about cleaning and organizing? Love it or hate it?
How often do you go through your things and purge?
Getting organized is one thing.  How do you manage to STAY organized?


  1. I hate cleaning and I hate organizing. But I love clean rooms that are organized. So alas I have to get with it. It is kind of a goal for me this year. I won't use the term resolution in case I can't keep up. Your bathroom looks awesome. Good job.

  2. Wow! Looks great! I love organizing because I love how great everything looks afterwards. I HATE having a lot of clutter--I love throwing things away.

    I'm in a Facebook group that posts daily simple organizing challenges. It was supposed to just be December, but everyone loved it and they are keeping it going. If you are interested;