Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I posted a few weeks ago on Facebook that the coffee I make out of my Keurig is very "meh."
I got several suggestions, and no matter what I do, it still seems to be "meh."
I'm going to break down and purchase some of the incredibly overpriced k-cups this weekend (we use a re-useable filter currently) and see if that helps.
But in the mean time, I've found the solution to weak coffee out of a Keurig:
Get an espresso maker!
I picked up a used espresso maker from a friend and my problem of weak coffee has been solved!!
I'm so excited to sip delicious coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

Do you have any tricks for brewing amazing coffee out of your Keurig?
Do you have an espresso maker?
Any to-die-for coffee recipes you want to send my way??


  1. My favorite coffee is cold pressed coffee. I was first introduced to it in the form of a Toddy Coffee Maker... ... but have since just started making it in my french press. I let it set for a few hours, press down the grinds and then put it in to the fridge. Pour over ice and add milk. I love it. I don't like the taste of burnt beans and I never have that problem this way...and I can make it as strong as I want. It basically makes a coffee concentrate. Some people heat the coffee after making, I do not.

  2. Hey there Stephanie, give our coffee a try. You won't be sorry AND our OneCup not only works in the Keurig, it is also 97% biodegradable. Pretty cool.

  3. Only a month late, but America's Test Kitchen has come out with a gluten-free cookbook/baking book. A celiac friend of mine says that it's excellent, especially in how it deals with the flours.

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  5. Hi Stephanie! I can relate to your keurig woes. I bought a reusable filter because I was concerned about the amount of waste generated by k-cups, but I have YET to get a decent cup of coffee out of it. Ugh, it's so awful! Always watery and not strong enough.

    I found a k-cup brand that is pretty affordable at costco. They're called San Francisco Bay Coffee and they make a DAMN good cuppa. I found them online at if you can't find them at your local costco.

    Also, I am OBSESSED with my ceramic drip coffee filter. It makes epic coffee, and if I have the time in the morning, this is my go-to. Here's one I found on for cheap:

    Hope that helps!

  6. So sorry to blow up your comments but I wanted to make sure I mentioned that the SF Bay Coffee k-cups use filter bottoms and are something like 97% biodegradable!!