Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life Update - April 2014

Guys, I'm still alive and kicking - I promise.  Life has been one big hectic ball of busy-ness for the last few months and I haven't been intentionally slacking on the blog. 
Just thought I'd update everyone on where we are with life right now!  Nothing crazy going on, really.  The boys are growing like weeds and I'm really loving the stage of life we are at right now.

Hendrix is just growing right up into a young man.  He recognizes several letters, but isn't reading any words yet - which I'm 100% ok with.  (That could be a whole other blog post - perhaps it will be soon.....).  He's great at telling you what a word starts with when you say it.  He loves climbing up on things and then jumping off.  He's into all sorts of superhero, good-guy-vs-bad-guy kind of things. He has started T-Ball this spring and loves it so far.  The practice and game schedule is a bit more intense than what I expected for a group of 4 and 5 year olds, so I'm hoping he doesn't get burned out.  But so far so good!  I'm struck every time I look at him at how much he's maturing and changing, and gosh dangit if he isn't the most handsome little guy ever!

Jameson is......well, almost three.  Doesn't that just say it all??  Anyone who's had young children knows all too well that the terrible two's that so many people speak of are not the nightmare they're made out to be, but rather it's when you're approaching that 3rd birthday that things just completely change.  I know it's cognitive development and independence and becoming your own person, and all that's great.  But doesn't age three just suck?  Hahaha!  I just love that little squishy monster more than anything, but most days lately, we butt heads non-stop.  He's doing great with the gluten-free diet after the celiac diagnosis.  He asks for gluten foods often, but when I tell him that he can't eat them or he'll have a bad tummy ache, he just accepts it and moves on, with only minor griping.  We've noticed more stability with his blood sugar since we've gone gluten free.  It still fluctuates - obviously, he's 2 and 1/2 and growing and changing constantly - but nighttime lately has been much more predictable, which allows me to sleep just a smidge better!

Matt's doing great with his job.  He recently had his 1 year review and got a nice raise, which is always good!  He's been spending a lot of time working out in the yard (which was deplorable when we moved in, by the way), and tinkering in the garage, which is what he loves to do.  I know he misses his family, but God has us here for a reason.
Me - same old stuff.  Working and working out!  I've been ridiculously swamped and buried at work for the last couple months and it's been a pretty big source of stress.  I hope to get caught up soon though, so that I don't have to be a stressball for the summer months.  I'm still hitting the gym 6 days a week, trying to grow my muscles!  It's what I love to do.  If money grew on trees (Ha!) I'd get my personal training and fitness nutrition certification and blow this 8-to-5 office job gig and do what I'm passionate about.
We will be travelling down to Colorado Springs over Memorial Day weekend to visit my best friend and her family.  I'm super excited about that!  Then, in mid-July, we are meeting my family, along with my dad's sister and her family, in Des Moines for a long weekend of family and relaxation.  The countdown is ON, since I haven't seen my parents or sister in almost 6 months.  Matt hasn't seen his family in that long either, but unfortunately, neither of his brothers' families are able to meet us in Des Moines.
We still have our tenant in the house in Ohio.  We'd love to put it on the market and just be done with the whole "having a mortgage in a state that's 1,200 miles away" thing, but we're debating on whether or not to try to sell it again, or just keep renting it out.  Fortunately, the tenant we have in there is great.  I just don't like having that extra thing to add to my list of 9,947 things to worry about. :)
We are attending a church that meets on Saturday evenings in one of the middle schools here in town.  It's allowed us to meet new people, and we're enjoying being a part of that group.  I've also met a couple other T1 moms in the area, as well as went to a meeting for Diabetes, Inc - a NFP group out here that offers support and family activities for D families.  It's mostly older kids and teens, but it's still nice to hang out with people that "get it." :)

I'm really excited for summer.  We've got camping and hiking and exploring plans.  Now that we're in a house with a yard, we got ourselves a larger patio set and I fully intend to sit under that umbrella with a nice glass of iced tea on a nightly basis!  I started some seeds a few weeks back and am hoping to get them transplanted into a raised garden bed in a couple weeks!  So far, we have corn, carrots, peas, and a few brussel sprouts.  I certainly hope I'm sharing pictures of fresh veggies with you here in a few months!

Last week, (***TMI alert***) I had a tubal ligation, and we are forevermore a family of four! 

We've pretty much known since I was pregnant with Jameson that he would be our last.  The birth control implant that I had in my arm was starting to fade in effectiveness, I believe, and I just really didn't want any accidents, to be honest. As I mentioned above, I'm loving the stage of life we're currently in.  Both boys are potty trained, fully conversational, both eat table food and sleep all night (though I don't get to - how unfair is that!?).  They can play independently (though getting them to do so can be quite challenging at times!), and don't require someone to be standing over them every second of their life making sure they aren't sticking their fingers in outlets or drinking toilet water. Hahaha. It was definitely time to act, and Matt had reservations about taking the plunge.  I was more concerned with making sure no accidents happened than arguing over who would get the procedure done, so I just scheduled myself with a doctor, had the surgery last Wednesday, and am healing nicely, looking forward to life as a family of four, and watching my sweet loves grow into men. *Cue pensive sigh*
I hope you are all doing great, friends!  Fill me in - what's new and exciting in your lives?




  1. Bold move :) Cheers from Romania :) Good Mom - finally someone with brains raising future humans who can cope in this life !

  2. Stephanie, am I glad to find you. I'm a journalist and the author of Family Whispering, which came out this past February. It's not a parenting book--it's a book for parents about "familying." I'm preaching to the converted here--and I'm not writing to ask you to buy the book. Just keep spreading the word. I fear that so many parents are caught in the same child-centered current, they can't see how it's affecting their kids, their relationships, their family. You "get" it. I know this not only from this post, but because your blog is named The Metz FAMILY. Bravo. You give me hope. FYI, you can read more about family whispering at I also write a weekly Dear Family Whisperer column for Huffington Post. You can catch up here: Feel free to email me at melinblau at aol dot com I'd love to know how you became who you are!