Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4th at the Farm

I hope everyone enjoyed the gloriously long weekend and spent it with family, friends, and loved ones!

Our clan headed to northern South Dakota (just 7 miles south of the ND state line!) to visit Matt's mom on the family farm.  Or I guess "ranch" would be a more appropriate word, since that's really what it is.  The Rossow Angus Ranch. Pretty cool, really. :)

Anyhoo, we headed out of Rapid City around noon on Friday the 4th and got to Matt's mom's house around 5:30, but we lost an hour in the time change, so the drive took us four and a half hours.  Either way - long drive.

We let off some fireworks with Matt's mom and his Uncle Tim, along with 2 of Tim's nieces on his wife's side.  The boys loved the "sprinklers" (sparklers) and the fireworks.  As a result, they were up entirely too late!

Saturday, Matt worked at a tent sale in a town about a half an hour away, and was home by lunch.  After a nap (to make up for the previous night's festivities!), we just took a walk around the farm and relaxed.  It was insanely hot - high of 97. And the hills and elevation here in western South Dakota must be making a pansy out of me.  The humidity at the farm - holy moly.  I think I tried to drink the air a couple times.  Yikes.

Sunday morning, we went to church with Joyce, then had lunch at the drive-in ice cream place, then made the long trek back to Rapid City.  We got home around 5:30 pm Sunday evening.

It's now Thursday and we're still trying to finish the laundry and get everything back to normal!  This weekend will be a frantic rush of things, as we get ready for vacation next week!!!

But in the mean time, enjoy our photos from our weekend at the farm. Have a great rest of the week, friends!

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  1. Glad you guys had a great time, so good to see pictures of Joyce, we sure do miss her.