Sunday, October 26, 2014

Exploring the Bike Trail

Hendrix learned to ride his bike without training wheels in August, and we have ventured out a little bit on the bike path in Rapid City. But not far. 

This afternoon, I had planned to take Hendrix to the park on a special date for just him and I, but he decided to whine, be ungrateful, and throw a tantrum like a two-year-old, so needless to say - I didn't take him to the park.

And that left me so frustrated.  Not only did I want him to be able to play, but I also wanted to sit in the sunshine and enjoy this beautiful 75 degree end-of-October day.  To work off my frustration, I hopped on my bike and took off.

I didn't wear my Garmin watch. I wish I would have, but oh well.  I'd imagine I rode between 5 and 6 miles.  Not a lot for serious bikers, but it was just such a beautiful day, I was simply enjoying the sunshine and breeze.

I'd be lying if I said I fell in love with Rapid City and the Black Hills the moment we moved here.  It took me a good 6 to 9 months to adapt.  But now, having lived here almost two years, I'm so in love with the sheer beauty of the hills and surrounding area.

Last October, fall was robbed from us by the Blizzard Atlas, as trees were stripped of their leaves while they were as green as could be.  This year, the brilliant fall colors were amazing, and the photos I took today are at the tail end of the color explosion, so you can imagine the way everything looked a few weeks ago.

Here are some photos from my bike ride today.

Rapid Creek.

"Near "M Hill."

Also near "M Hill."

Rapid Creek.

It's "Selfie Sunday." :)

I finished my day with a glass of wine on the patio.  The highs for the week to come are in the lower-50's.  It's looking to be nice again next weekend, but you just never know when winter will come to stay.  

What adventures did you have this weekend?

Do you have any amazing bike or hiking trails where you live?

Just for fun - where do you live?

Make it a great week, friends!

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  1. Excellent, well written post. I often find myself screaming at supposedly pro cycling articles and news stories because of their poorly structured arguments full of hole which allow easy picking and justification by the motoring brigade to knock down any augments presented with. Well done.Thanks for sharing