Monday, February 9, 2015

Hiking....In the Backyard.

Hi! Remember me? My hiatus from the blog world has not been intentional, though I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately as to why I blog and what my future with blogging is.
Anyway, in true Metz fashion, a lot has been going on. We moved. Long story made short – the owner of the house we were renting passed away, and finding an heir/next of kin was proving to be difficult, so instead of being faced with having to be out of the house in a matter of days, we started a search and found a rental at the mouth of a canyon. The house is unique, but it functions well for us and it’s in a really pretty setting. We like it.
I went from working my office job last summer to working part time for a local entrepreneur, to working two jobs, to now only working one, but it’s a full time office job that I’m really enjoying so far. The company is Terracon Consultants, Inc. It’s a geological and environmental engineering firm that also does construction materials testing. I am the office coordinator/admin assistant, and I really enjoy it. Matt’s still buying and selling produce, and there’s a lot going on in that industry, as usual! We’re keeping quite busy.
These kids of mine are just growing up right before my eyes. We’re thinking ahead to kindergarten round up here in a few weeks – yikes! Hendrix is reading and writing and Jameson is learning his letters and numbers also. They’re so much fun to converse and giggle with.
My grandpa (my dad’s dad) passed away in November, so I was back in Illinois and Indiana for a few short, but crazy busy days, in early December. It was so nice to spend some much needed time with loved ones. I’ll miss my grandpa, but he lived a full and happy life, and he’s doing much better now than he was previously. We take comfort in that. J
Matt’s mom got married and moved back to Indiana from South Dakota! I’m super happy for her, and she’s doing much better back near her other two boys, and with her new husband. Matt’s middle brother and his wife are expecting baby number 2 in August! We are working on a fund to travel home in either November or December this year to celebrate the holidays with our immediate family and meet this new niece or nephew of ours.
We have plans to do a whole lot of camping and being outdoors this summer, and I just cannot wait for more hours of sunshine, warm temps, campfires, star gazing, swimming, and grilling. It can’t get here quickly enough!
We’ve been having a super mild winter here in Rapid City (I hope we don’t pay for this in the next couple of months). A few weekends ago, we were having one of our mild days, so we decided to get out and explore our new yard, which is basically a hill straight up into the air. We hiked that thing.


Hendrix thought the burrs were hilarious.


The view from the top.


Not a great picture, but this is our house.
It was fun to get out and get some fresh January air while not freezing our tails off!
I'll be back again soon with another post. I'll do my best not to make it three months between posts this time, deal?
Have an awesome day!

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