Monday, April 20, 2015

Grand Rapids, OH Visit

So for those of you who aren't aware, we are no longer in Rapid City, South Dakota. It's a story that one day I hope to post on the blog, but for now, it's just relevant for you to know that we have relocated to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.
There are three "Grand Rapids's" in the United States, and we've now lived in 2 of them. :)
When we moved to South Dakota, we were unable to sell our house in Ohio (stale market), and ended up renting it out. The first tenant we had moved out and another family moved in, all while we were still out west.
This past weekend, we decided to drive down to Grand Rapids, OH to see the house, meet the tenants, and spend some time with friends there in Ohio. It was a long and tiring day (7 hour drive round trip), but so much fun!!
We got up and hit the road around Saturday morning. As soon as we got south of Toledo, the memories started coming back!


Our first stop was to our house in Ohio. The outside of the house looks great, but the inside needs some love - shampooed carpets, fresh coat of paint on the walls, etc. We chatted with the new tenants for a while, did a walk-through of the house, and spent about an hour there. I knew Jameson wouldn't remember the house, but I was hoping Hendrix would remember some of it. He acted like he did not, which made me a little sad.
Both boys will have some memories of South Dakota, but mostly of Michigan as they grow older, since Michigan is where we will settle, and they were so young in South Dakota.
After we finished at the house, we just drove around Grand Rapids for a little while. (Doesn't take long in a village of 800 people!) We stopped downtown to go for a little walk. It was an absolutely gorgeous day - mid 70's and sunshine.

The Maumee River.

I LOVE downtown Grand Rapids. Can't get enough of it. It's so quaint and quiet. We used to go for walks downtown and along the river several nights a week during warm months.

Grand Rapids park.

The "sidewalk" that goes to the river towpath.

Selfie. Because.

The canal.
Selfie. Don't judge.

Mr. Wrinkle-Nose.

Where we used to have picnics.

Used book store downtown. This tiger was for sale last time we were here. It had a $7,000 price tag. I guess they gave up on the hope of selling it, because now there's a stool there to climb up on it. :)

Oh what a difference three years makes. My guys are growing into such handsome young men. I love this picture way too much.
After our nostalgic walk through town, we drove out to our friend, Angie's house. She watched the boys for a while when they were really young.
Hendrix and her son, Wes, are about 6 months apart in age (Wes is older), and they were just such good buddies when we lived in Ohio. Angie hadn't told Wes we were coming, so he was really surprised when Hendrix hopped out of the car! They kind of just looked at each other for a while, then took off and played the afternoon away. It made my heart happy to see them together again after almost two and a half years!

After Angie's house, we stopped by a friend's house that we used to go to church with and I used to hang out with a lot and saw her, her husband, and her 3 kids. Turns out, my kids aren't the only ones who have grown a lot since the last time we were here! :)
We didn't stay long at Jeanna's house, because she was getting ready to host a cookout that evening, and we didn't want to keep her from finishing up. We headed back north and got home around 7:30 pm. We watched a little bit of TV, then all 4 of us hit the pillow and I don't think we lasted more than 3 minutes before we were unconscious!
It was a great day. It's a long drive, so it's not one I plan on making every other week or anything, but I definitely look forward to spending more time down there, with friends, and keeping an eye on our house. Plus, my piano is still there, along with a couple of our bikes that we will need to pick up at some point this summer.
Until next time, Grand Rapids!

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