Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Out With the Tub!

Sometimes, impromptu projects are the best projects.
We had a big hot tub sitting in the space - it came with the house. The sellers clearly stated that they did not know the condition of the hot hub, and there was no guarantee it would work.
We had a technician out and it was going to cost over $1,000 to get it up and running, with no guarantee it wouldn't break or leak again next season. No thank you.
I advertised it for free on Craigslist and it was gone 2 days later. Score for us!

What we were left with was a very visible air conditioning unit as well as a random corner of lattice and a couple oddly placed 2x4's.
I have a fun vision for a comfortable sitting area down here. It's nice and shady with a breeze under the deck, and I think it will feel fabulous on a hot summer day.
So, I grabbed the electric drill on a whim and started taking screws out!
I think it opened up the space a lot, and I'm anxious to find some outdoor furniture pieces to makeover, perhaps a porch swing, and a hammock to make this a nice little place to sit and read a book on a hot Saturday or Sunday afternoon!
And this picture of the boys is just cute. Look at Hendrix in all that camo. Love him.
Stick around - I'll share our Michigan adventures and house projects with you as we complete them!
Happy Spring, friends!

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