Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Garden Update - July 2015

Happy Wednesday!
I realized last evening that I haven't shared any garden progress in a while.
I planted a lettuce bed twice and it didn't come up either time. No idea what I did wrong. I know I planted the first time too deep. So I barely sunk them the second time - still nothing. Lettuce was a fail. I'll try again next year.
My cilantro came up and did great, but I couldn't use it fast enough, it seeded, and we now have coriander. Ha! My dill is thriving, and I need to get it picked and dried so I can use it all winter!

My tomato plants have given us a lot of grape tomatoes, and we've eaten them in salads all summer so far, but the plants are very sick right now. The leaves have all turned brown and they're dying a slow death. Sadness.
My sunflowers - they're a tragic story that pains me to repeat.  I had a row of about 10 sunflowers. They were thriving. They were taller than my kids, and the top set of leaves were as big around as the steering wheel on my car. Then the deer came and decimated every single one of them in a single swoop. Gone. I'm still working through the heartache.
I've got a couple pods of peas on the far west side of the garden that I need to pick before we head out for our camping trip this weekend!
My corn is taller than the kids, and a few ears are tasseling. (Please ignore the weeds.)

My jalapenos and bell peppers are growing fantastically! I can't wait to chop some of those jalapenos up into salsa, and grill the bells!

The zucchini is also thriving. I haven't got a ton of flowers, but they're growing! Those will probably go into either loaves of bread or brownies. Yum.

My pumpkin patch is full and huge!  I've had two female flowers that have opened up that I have hand-pollinated, though I don't think there's any shortage of bees. Now I'm just waiting for the bulbs to turn into big orange beauties! I'll try to get some photos of the pumpkin plants to share with you soon!
I've decided that I'm going to put any birthday money that I get this years towards a mini-tiller. I've tried to keep up with the weeds manually, and it's just impossible. I'm sure it's possible, but not in the amount of time I have to dedicate to the garden each day. I spend about a half hour a day watering, and a couple hours a week weeding. But with my full time job and busy life, I unfortunately don't have more time than that to dedicate to it.
A mini-tiller should do the trick. I can go up and down each row a couple times a week, and that should really help control the weeds. They're crazy!
Do you garden?
What are you growing?
Any gardening tips you'd like to share?


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