Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day 2015

And here I am posting about July 4th. I can see summer flying by right before my eyes and I'm not loving it. I feel like we haven't done NEARLY all the things I had on my summer bucket list. We still have time, but as quickly as these last couple months have passed us by, the leaves will be turning orange before I blink again.
We have a camping trip planned for a couple weeks from now, and we'll be heading back to central Indiana again in August when our nephew is born (yay!). Then, Mr. Hendrix is going to be starting school. It's going to be a busy few weeks ahead of us!
This past weekend, Matt had to work on Friday and Sunday, while I was off. The boys and I decided to pack up and head to Portland for the weekend! I felt bad about leaving Matt home alone, but had we stayed in Michigan, the kids would have spent the weekend getting bored and fighting, which would have left me frustrated and snippety. So, Matt got three days of relaxed silence at home, and the boys and I had fun with family!
I got off work around 2:30 on Thursday, picked them up from daycare, and we headed out. We stopped for dinner, and arrived in Portland around 7 pm. The kids played for a bit, then went to bed. It was a relaxed evening, which was good because the next day was crazy. :)
This picture should have been an indication of the level of exhaustion that was to come!

Friday morning started out relaxed. Ha. I always say that coffee tastes better when you drink it in the company of people you love. The kids played while I drank coffee and talked with my parents. It was perfect.

After we formulated our plan for the day, we headed to Muncie (about 40 minutes SOUTH of Portland) to meet my good friend, Amy, and her daughter for lunch at Qdoba. $20 worth of food for the 2 boys and I and they each took about one and a half bites. Awesome. Anyway, we enjoyed Amy's company, and the boys liked seeing Kenna.
After lunch, we went back to Portland, re-convened at my parents' house, then put on swim trunks and headed to Berne (about 20-25 minutes NORTH of Portland) so the kids could play in the splash pad. They had lots of fun!

After we got back to Portland, we rested for a little while, I took a shower, then we headed out to my sister's house, which is in Ridgeville - about 25 minutes SOUTH of Portland. My sister lives in the sticks. Ha! We had a cookout and the boys continued to run out every last bit of their energy with their cousin Rylee.

They stayed the night at my sister's house, and they LOVED it! This was their first sleepover at someone else's house where I did not stay with them. My sister called me before they went to bed, and I walked her through adjusting Jameson's basal rate, and she called me at breakfast so I could help her dose bg and carbs. She's a nurse and a rock star, and it was a huge success. Saturday evening, Hendrix asked if he could stay with them again. Ha!
I used my "me time" on Friday night to get together with some friends and it was relaxing and fantastic to catch up with the people I've known so long, but have seen to little in the last few years of my life.
Saturday morning, we went to the parade downtown. Now, I've lived in three different states in the past 8 years, and I've been to several parades. They always leave me disappointed. I'm pretty sure the parades in my hometown are the reason for that. The parade went on for a good 40 minutes, everyone was very spirited, and it was just fun to watch. Love it.

Granny and Grandfather with their boys.
One of the big sources of pride for Jay County.

After the parade, we had plans to go to El Camino - the best place to get Mexican food. They were closed. Booooooo. So we went to Pizza Hut instead. Gluten-free pizza is always iffy. It's hard to trust something that's prepared in the same kitchen as a food known for the abundant gluten it contains. But we tried it.
Not only does Pizza Hut serve GF pizza, they go above and beyond to train their employees on safe preparation and storage also. I was so excited to see this! Check it out:
After lunch, the kids played a little while, and we rested before heading out to the fairgrounds to have a cookout with my brother-in-law's family and watch the fireworks.

Jameson was fascinated by Travis's half-missing finger. Ha.
And this is basically how the week leading up to this past weekend went, versus the speed with which the actual holiday weekend flew by. Sadness.
We headed out Sunday morning around 8:45. After a stop for gas, a potty break, and lunch, we got back home around 1:30 pm. Jameson discovered that the fingernail polish that Rylee had put on his toes came off and he was distraught. These tears were legitimate sadness. No fit-throwing here. Just grief.
Sweet boy.
Jamers and I took a nap together, then we just messed around the house, the boys took a much-needed bath, and went to bed a bit early.
Matt discovered this ridiculous wasp nest under our second story deck while we were gone. That needs taken care of ASAP, but makes me super nervous.

Hendrix refused to nap all weekend, and insisted that he wasn't tired at bedtime Sunday night.
Alright, man. You aren't tired. That's cool. :)
It was a much-needed weekend with all the people I love. It's a LONG drive to Indiana (though much better than the 19 hours it was previously), but it's really worth the time and exhaustion. The kids just adore their grandparents and cousins, and play so hard they can barely walk.
We can't wait to visit again in August so we can meet our newest little family member, and the boys can play with their Metz cousins!
See you again soon, Indiana!

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