Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Hike.

The weather last Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! (This post is a little late, sorry.) The high temperature was 73 degrees, and it was breezy. The only downside is that a lot of the trees are much more bare now than they were before this weekend. :(
We went to church Sunday morning, had our rest time Sunday afternoon (not taking a Sunday afternoon nap should be against the law), then we all headed out for a little walk. Hendrix told us about a trail he learned of at his pre-school over the summer. It's actually on the property of the church next door to the school. There are no private property signs, or anything leading us to believe we should stay off of it, so we've hiked it twice now.
The trail takes a slow incline all the way up to this open field where there's a big bonfire ring. Along one part of the trail is a steep drop-off to a valley with a small stream flowing through it. Last time we hiked it, we wanted to explore the stream, but weren't sure how to get down to it. This time we found a trail that descended to the bottom.
It was so gorgeous and peaceful. We hung out down there for about a 1/2 an hour before heading back.

I look forward to hiking this trail another time or two before the flurries start to fly. It will also be fun to explore new growth next spring....and plow through lots of mud. But that's what little boys are made for, right?
After we got back, the weather was just too nice to sit inside, so we sat out on our deck. Matt and I talked and the kids drew pictures and looked at their library books. It was perfect.
I love the background to this picture. Our deck is second story, so all you see are the leaves on the trees. It's awesome.
Talking about the deck makes me realize that I still haven't given you guys a tour of our house! I'm hoping to start a big fall cleaning and organization binge, so as rooms come together, I'll try and share them with you.
Hendrix was adamant for a while that I not cut his hair, but once it started to get in his eyes, I think he got a little annoyed and he finally agreed to let me cut it, so I did that Sunday evening. Honestly, though, now that it's short again, I miss the longer hair look! We'll have to find a middle ground somewhere.

Hope you're having a great week!


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