Monday, October 26, 2015

Leaves. A lot of them.

This past weekend was pretty low key. Jameson had his (second to last!!!) soccer game, then we came home and rested. Then I went and got my hair trimmed and we went to the library.
Can you tell I got it trimmed? I don't like how it's longer in the middle and shorter on the sides, but I also don't want to just hack that longer part off completely. What's a girl to do?
Sunday, Matt had to work. I took the boys to church. Matt was home by the time we got home from church and after lunch, we tackled our leaf carpet in the back yard. I wish I would have taken a before picture. It was ridiculous.
We laid down a 8'x25' tarp that we had used in the garden and raked leaves onto it, then pulled the tarp out into the woods and dumped them. Matt had done about 4 tarp loads when I got out to help him, and I think we did 6 more together. The last few loads went on top of my garden so that the leaves can compost and enrich the soil for next spring.
The yard looked great when we were finished.
I walked to the shed to put the rakes away and stopped outside the shed door to look at the yard. These are the leaves that *still* need raked. We just did inside the fence. Tonight and tomorrow we are going to tackle these.
This is pretty much how I feel about that right now.
But, oh well! A leafless yard under the forthcoming snow means clean snowmen. Because who wants to roll up a big round snowman's belly and have it covered in dried, brown leaves?

Have a good week!






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