Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So, we got a dog...

The kids have been asking for a dog for two years. We rented our homes in South Dakota, so a dog wasn't an option.
One thing we planned to do once we got settled here in Michigan was get a pooch for the boys. Enter Olaf.

He's a VERY calm dog. We were told he's an English Shepherd/Husky mix, but we aren't so sure of that. The vet, along with several other people, have told us his marking look like border collie and his face looks like I lab. So he's basically just a mutt, and he's an awesome boy. He's just over a year old, and the kids love love love him!
We didn't have a crate when we got him, and the thought of sticking a dog in a space slightly larger than its body makes me a bit sad anyway, so I thought we could try and put him in the bathroom while we're working during the day.
We gave the bathroom a test run while we went to church two days after we got him. He chewed up my bath sponge/loofah thing, but other than that, no messes. Monday through Wednesday, he chewed a few other small things, but nothing major.
When I got home Thursday (I was the first one home), I went to the bathroom to let him out and noticed a small puddle outside the bathroom door. I thought maybe he'd gone to the bathroom near the door or something. I opened the door and found the entire bathroom sitting under an inch of water!
Our sink drain had been running slow. We'd tried Drano, and were going to dig a little deeper to work on it that weekend. Olaf had jumped up on the bathroom counter and, in the process, turned on the sink faucet. My best guess is that it happened sometime shortly after we had left and the sink ran all day. Due to the slow drain, the sink overflowed and flooded the entire bathroom.
I stood there staring for a minute or two. There weren't enough towels in the world to soak up that kind of water, but I was in shock and disbelief, so I walked downstairs to see if I could round up several towels.
Our downstairs bathroom is directly under the upstairs bathroom. I walked into the lower bathroom to find the ceiling on the floor. It was JUST as awesome as you can imagine. The water had soaked through the floor upstairs, ruined the ceiling downstairs, and had soaked into the floor in the downstairs bathroom.
We filed a homeowner's claim, of course, and now both of our bathrooms are in complete chaos. They're usable, but a giant hot disaster. This is the current floor situation upstairs.

The first contractors were at our house last week tearing up the floors and running these huge dryers for 5 straight days. It's been deafeningly loud in our house.
The next contractor is supposed to come this afternoon to see about fixing the floorboards.
I'll keep you updated on the progress.
So yeah. We got a dog........



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